The Journey of the Daring Condor

The Race for the Sun Stone

<monkoflords> The crew had managed to return to the ship in the early morning. They didn't know much, beyond the fact the just slew a demon searching for the bearer of Anhelus...and that his affliction of fire was caused by him. &lt;monkoflords> The locales appear appreciative, but still wary.
<monkoflords> They are happy to see you on your way. &lt;monkoflords> The captain greets you all, so you’ve slain a demon, well done
<sirena> “You know the more I travel the more people I run across that don’t like outsiders” she nods at the Captain “For a demon he or it was kinda sad.”
<yaax> “But it was not really that informative.” scratches his nose with a claw.
<monkoflords> "Well, most demons aren't." &lt;yaax> "I'll take your word for it Captain." frowns. "So where to now?" &lt;monkoflords> “But, from our friends vision, we know the tower…or what’s left of it, is to the south.”
<@monkoflords> “Beyond that, we may have to just trust our impressive instincts.” He strikes a pose.

  • Sirena claps at the Captain
    <yaax> Grins at the captain and shakes his head. “well then just give the word Captain!”
    <@monkoflords> “To the south friends!” He laughs, “To brighter waters!”
    <yaax> “thank the gods for that!” takes his place at the wheel.
    <sirena> “Excellent!”
  • Onarius nods “To adventure!”
    <monkoflords> The ship turns south, and begins its voyage. The crew managed to grab some fish, so their provisions were stable &lt;monkoflords> The tropical air was humid, the cool sea air prevented any unpleasantness.
    <monkoflords> As you proceeded further south into Manua territory, the sailors grew somewhat wary, hoping the main tribal armies of Manuans wouldn't turn on them. &lt;monkoflords> The sun seems unusually bright this time of year.
    <monkoflords> At night, all is normal, but the days shines ever strong. &lt;yaax> "This is soo strange." &lt;monkoflords> As you pass by a few islands, you see a shining light on a mountaintop in the early morning.
    <sirena> “What’s so strange?”
    <onarius> “Well now, that is a new one. What do you make of that on the mountain?”
    <monkoflords> At first, it appears to be the sun rising...but then you notice the sun is directly above the mountain's peak...something on the top of it is reflecting the rock. &lt;monkoflords> And many…many boats are surrounding the island. From canoes to full ships of many kinds.
    <sirena> “Nothing good….”
    <yaax> “I learned to sail in these parts and i have never seen anything like this.”
    <monkoflords> A great congregation of what appears to be people have surrounded the island. &lt;monkoflords> Many people don’t appear local
    <monkoflords> The captain looks towards you all, "An interesting sight...some of those ships are Atlan...some are Lemurian...bizarre, I thought the Manuans disliked outsiders." &lt;sirena> "Maybe it has to do with the mountain" &lt;onarius> "I suppose either they changed their views or perhaps do not know of these others in their domain. The mountain does seem to be garnering a lot of attention." &lt;monkoflords> The captain nods.
    <monkoflords> "What say you lads?" &lt;sirena> "I say we go check it out" &lt;monkoflords> The captain smiles, “Fortune favors the bold after all.”
  • Onarius smiles and nods
    <onarius> “Yes, could be important!”
    <monkoflords> "The onwards lads! We have some adventuring to do!" &lt;monkoflords> The ship turns towards the island, and towards the shining light.
    <monkoflords> As the ship gets closer, you see a make shift dock near the shoreline. People are lining up in tents on the shore. &lt;yaax> "I've got a bad feeling about this." leans on the wheel and grins. "I do hope this will be fun." &lt;monkoflords> The ship makes dock surprisingly easily. No one stops you.
  • Sirena snickers at Yaax “Oh yes” she scratches a cheek “Well that seemed a little easy”
    <monkoflords> As you make land, many...participants see you doc. &lt;monkoflords> ^dock
    <monkoflords> A few watch you with suspicious eyes...not as though they will attack though. &lt;monkoflords> A few locals help guide your ship in.
    <@monkoflords> One says, “Welcome to the Race for the Sun friends.”
  • Sirena blink blink
    <yaax> “Huh?”
    <@monkoflords> The man paused, “Did you not know?”
  • Onarius smiles “Unfortunately not, what is the race for the sun if I may ask?”
    <monkoflords> "Ah yes, once a year on this island, the sun hits the rock upon this mountain just right, and fills it with power." &lt;monkoflords> “Those who gaze upon it either burn up and die…or get imbued with great power.”
    <@monkoflords> “Only a few may witness the stone before the power drains away, so many come to gaze upon it each year.”
    <sirena> “Interesting”
    • Silver-Away ( has joined #atlantisrpg
      <monkoflords> "Those who wish to see the stone must ascend the mountain." &lt;silver-away> (Gah, sorry I fell asleep) &lt;monkoflords> (S’cool)
    • Silver-Away is now known as Asim
      <@monkoflords> “Many will try to stop you of course, as they ascend themselves. The time is almost upon us.”
  • Asim comes staggering along with an empty cup from the victory celebration
    <sirena> “Oh this does sound like lots of fun!”
    <yaax> “I do believe this will be an excellent stop.”
    <monkoflords> The captain smiles, "Yes friends, it very much will." &lt;asim> "A race? foot race?" &lt;asim> "What rules must I obey?" &lt;monkoflords> The man nods, “Well, yes…that’s how it works.”
    <monkoflords> "Never seen anyone fly up there myself....or heard from them..." &lt;asim> "Hrms..Fly..." &lt;asim> "That would be cheating, wouldn't it?" &lt;monkoflords> “Most likely…and the other competitors probably would not be found of it.”
    <monkoflords> "Might try to shoot you down." &lt;yaax> "Oh that would be bad." &lt;asim> "I can see that..." &lt;monkoflords> “Will you be joining us then?”
    <asim> “How long until the race?”
    <asim> “I can but endeavor to try..”
    <asim> “Is this per person, or a team race?”
    <monkoflords> "The first...twenty or so... that make it will witness the stone." &lt;yaax> "Then it is a singular effort..." &lt;sirena> "Any rules against killing the competition?" &lt;monkoflords> The man shakes his head.
    <monkoflords> "You may do as you may to reach the top." &lt;sirena> "Good to know" &lt;monkoflords> “You have a bit of time, about another movement of the sun before it is ready.”
    <@monkoflords> The man walks off
    <yaax> “So, now what?”
    <asim> “Would any of you be willing to suffer the power of a spell? A great and terrible spell, to aid us?”
  • Sirena holds up her hand “Me Me Pick Me!”
    <yaax> “Might as well.”
    <asim> “And you Onarius? Are you in?”
    <asim> “This spell will make you move like the wind—but you’ll hear the keening of wind, and will be distracted by it..”
  • Asim begins singing a song that sounds almost like a wind rushing forward
  • Asim throws sparkling bits of quarts into the air..
  • Asim voice rises and rises as the howling wind grows near in song.
    <monkoflords> The wind surrounds you, and every one of you can hear Yaax's blade chuckling. The wind seems to guide your feet. &lt;yaax> "I see you find this amusing, Lovely." &lt;onarius> "This is a very interesting sensation." &lt;sirena> "You know I've seen a bunch of magic in my life but it's still impressive" she looks at Yaax "Man you are so lucky" &lt;monkoflords> The captain laughs, “It reminds me of the time I fought that dragon in the nude.”
    <sirena> “You fought a dragon in the nude!”
    <monkoflords> "Or was it a giant goose..." the captain pauses. &lt;sirena> "I've never seen a giant goose..." &lt;monkoflords> “Then you have not lived.”
  • Sirena sighs “Well I must find a giant goose then”
    <monkoflords> The suns seems to get closer...and everyone holds their breath &lt;asim> "I hope one of us can win.." &lt;asim> "I will aid you as best I can.." &lt;yaax> "I have no doubt." grins. "Is it that time?" &lt;asim> "Are you talking to us yaax or the sword?" &lt;yaax> "To you. Is the race about to start?" &lt;asim> "Yes...' &lt;asim> "Soon.." &lt;monkoflords> The sun gets a bit higher…and then the light strikes the stone, and the island lights up in a blinding light. Everyone is off immediately.
    <@monkoflords> The race is off
  • Asim runs spear in hand, but otherwise naked
  • Sirena tilts her head as Asim takes off “That’s one way to make yourself faster” she grins and takes off
    <asim> “I must feel the wind in my fur!”
    <asim> “Like when I raced gazelles at home!”
    <sirena> “Are you drunk?”
    <asim> “Heavan’s No..I’d never do magic drunk..”
    <asim> “I do have a pounding hangover though..”
    <sirena> “Good to know!”
    <monkoflords> The groups begin to rush towards the jungle covered mountain, as cheers from their mates echo towards the mountainside. &lt;monkoflords> A few screams can be heard, the groups are already attack each other
    <yaax> “Don’t mind him. He is just that way sometimes.”
    <sirena> “Oh? Well as long as he’s happy”
    <asim> “..I am not that far behind….”
  • Asim laughs
    <onarius> “This…is…fantastic! I’ve never done anything like this in all my years!”
    <monkoflords> The group speeds ahead at full throttle. They leave most of the skirmishers behind...though from what you all can are not alone. &lt;monkoflords> A few other more competent groups are keeping pace
  • Asim jags around rocks and trees
    <yaax> “Sirena! Get down!”
    <monkoflords> Just as Sirena ducks, a volley of lead flies right over her head. &lt;sirena> "Hey!" she pulls out her bow "Thanks Yaax!" &lt;monkoflords> You all now notice the group of Lemurians moving up towards your left. Including the one that tried to shoot Sirena
    <yaax> “Don’t think me yet!” Draws the Lady.
    <sirena> “Fine tell me when I can thank you”
    <asim> “Do you need help?”
  • Asim yells at Sirena
    <sirena> “Nope I’m good” she grins and lets 6 arrows loose into the group
    <@monkoflords> The arrows fly, and strike true. The apes all fall.
    <yaax> “Now you can thank me.”
    <sirena> “Oh? Thank you!”
    <asim> “Magic ahead…be ready for anything!”
    <yaax> “you are welcome.”
  • Onarius looks ahead
    <monkoflords> The chanting ceases, and a massive flock of birds rushes your group. &lt;onarius> "There is shamantic chanting ahead, perhaps someone intends to call something to meet us." &lt;monkoflords> There are birds of all kinds, and they swarm you all.
    <asim> “Form of the WIND!”
    <sirena> “Really birds!” she sighs and dives to the side, she rolls to her feet and starts forward again
    <monkoflords> The group avoids the flock! &lt;yaax> leaps behind a tree. "This race is getting on my nerves!" &lt;monkoflords> The Shaman moves forward up the mountain.
    <monkoflords> The group presses on, as they leave the jungle behind. The mountain is all that remains...beyond the others &lt;monkoflords> You stare up a sheer cliff face…and see a few groups climbing up
    <asim> “Now I wish I could fly..”
    <sirena> “Climbing is much more fun!”
    <asim> (Are there vines on the cliff/trees, since we’re in a south easternish jungle place?)
    <@monkoflords> (Yes)
  • Asim swings from trees to the cliff and swings back and forth getting higher and jumping madly to new vines.
  • Onarius fumbles around with the cliff face clumsily
  • Sirena snorts at Asim as she climbs straight up, she glances own at Onarius “You need some help down there?”
    <asim> “Tie yourself to a vine..once we’re up, will haul you!”
  • Onarius nods
    <onarius> “Will do, afraid this I am not to good at myself.”
    <asim> “Embrace your inner ape!”
    <monkoflords> The group starts ascending the wall. &lt;monkoflords> Once they make it half way, you begin to hear screams from the top.
  • Asim heaves Onarius as best he can..
    <asim> "I wonder what awaits us…
    <monkoflords> A smoldering skeleton drops from the cliffs above you. &lt;monkoflords> Yelling and confusion can be heard above
  • Onarius scrambles at the wall trying to help “That does not sound to welcoming.”
    <monkoflords> What was once a bright light, is now a single blinding beam, that rotates around and around. &lt;monkoflords> Something, has happened to the Sun Stone apparently.
    <asim> “That does not sound good…try and not get hit by the beam..”
    <monkoflords> The group continue their climb, and peer over the edge of the peak. &lt;monkoflords> It isn’t easy to tell, but from what you can see…there was a fight up hear near the stone, and someone struck it, causing the light from the stone to flow differently through it.
    <monkoflords> Now it is a focused beam, transferring all of its power at once to anyone who gazes on it. Much more powerful than it's original version. &lt;monkoflords> Some have tried to behold the light and failed.
    <asim> “I’m going to get closer..”
    <sirena> “good luck…”
  • Asim gets a close as possible and whispers a name aloud “Anhur?”
    <yaax> “Well this looks less than promising.”
  • Asim glows
  • Asim burns with light pouring into and out of him like a small radiant star…
    <@monkoflords> The light still glows.
    <onarius> “Well, no screaming. That’s a good sign, right?”
    <sirena> “Well…” she climbs over the edge
  • Onarius continues on
  • Asim is unable to move as assassins appear yelling his name.
    <yaax> “I’ll just hold back here and cover you.”
  • Onarius winces and turns away “Ahh, too much…”
    <@monkoflords> The assassins move to fell the downed magister, as the light fades away…



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