Atlantean Battle Mage


Atlantean, Martial Wizard
Age 33

INT +3, PER +1, WIL +1, CHA 0, STR -1, DEX 0, CON 0, SPD 0, CR 0, MR +5

WR +1

HP 20

Hero Points 5 [Air 2, Earth 3]

Renown 0


Evade +5, Handicraft(Alchemy) +4, Influence +6, Literacy(Atlantean) +5, Lore(Arcane Arts) +5, Lore(Nature) +2, Mode(Attack) +10, Mode(Sensory) +9, Mode(Shield) +9, Pilot(Sailing Vessel) +2, Profession(Mage) +10, Speak Language(Atlantean) +9, Speak Language(Turani) +10, Trading +2, Weapon(Melee) +6

Aura of the Gods – bonus of 2x CHA to Leadership rolls.
Unearthly Beauty – bonus of 2x CHA to social situations in which beauty is an advantage.
Vril Master – Add MR to any Vril Item’s effective rating, and choose one of the item’s attributes to augment in some way. Double your MR for the sake of determining how many Hero Points are drawn from a Vril enriched area.
Beast LoreINT roll with DoD determined by the GM to know the name of any beast that crawls, swims, or flies. You will be attacked by any Andaman in battle, and you gain an advantage in social situations with Andamen equal to 2+CHA(min. +2) that does not stack with Aura of the Gods.
Vice(Opium) – Must indulge in the vice daily or incur a cumulative -1 penalty per day to INT, WIL, MR, and CHA that lasts until the vice is experienced again.
Fast Cast – Can work a spell and attack with it in the same round without suffering multiple action penalties.
The GIft – May cast spells beyond Spell Level 5.


Medium half-suit of armor.
Weapon of choice.
Noble quality robes.
Travelers’ gear.
Veddan horse with +4 to SPD.


Is a native citizen of Sheba, on the continent of Gondwana.
He was born to a retired Hero of some renown in Sheba.
At a young age, he saw his older brother executed for treason. His father made him watch in order to make a point about loyalty and justice.
When war came, things got desperate. Only the truly venerable were spared the draft, and as a result, he lost the rest of his family to battles and raids.
He himself got a scar down the length of his left arm from the battles before things settled down.

After losing what remained of his family, he felt that it was time to go abroad for a while. During his travels, he made enemies with Hafsah of Khemit and the mercenary band led by Etor the Glib. Hafsah found out by some means that Cassander was to be her doom, and is now taking preemptive measures to ensure that he is taken out before he can fulfill that fate. She is deathly afraid of being physically near him, so she prefers to work with others to achieve her means rather than face him directly. Etor, on the other hand, had his tongue ripped out in a particularly brutal battle that Cassander took part in.

After all of this, he decided that it would be prudent to return to Sheba for a while in order to rest and recover. During this time, he took up the practice of the magical arts again. This went rather well for a time, with the exception of one magical accident that cost him an eye. Also during this time, his work caught the eye of a Veddan prince on a diplomatic mission. They became close during this time, and before the prince left for his homelans, he left one of his prize steeds with Cassander as a gift.


Enemy – 2, Etor the Glib
Physical Limitation – 1, one-eyed
Substance Abuse – 2, opium


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