Asim Ur-Kalil

Anubim Sorceror


Character Sheet

Asim is a tall lean Anubim with narrow muzzles, and pale silvery-grey eyes, that look as if the moon itself poured forth from his gaze.

His fur is night black, and always well groomed, and his smile is one that is fierce and true, but rare.


Asim was born to slave-parents in in Khemit, where their strange mystic visions led people to fear them even while in chains.

Asim was marked even then with his pale eyes that stood out against his dark fur, which lead to him being named ’Asim the Ghost Eyed," many thought he could look to the future or the past, but these talents were not his at first. He was trained in secret in the old ways—pacts with the elemental lords, and rose in infamy as the wind seemed to come to his whisper, or the heat from his eyes.

It was this that led him to aid a wounded and ailing Lemurian woman who turned out to be a powerful general, she left noting the young boys kindness.

In time his owners seeking to quench the rising power of the young Anubim, they sent him into the Slave Pits of Yallock to fight and die. There he met and fought as spear brother to Nao Qiang Hue They freed themselves together and were drawn into adventure across the world—but eventually they were lead to the Black Tower, where fought up its steps shoulder to shoulder to drive back the Great Darkness, and chained with powerful bindings the demon Baal.

For a time he settled down after this and married a lovely Anubim widow named Hafseh, against the wise warning of Nao Qiang Hue, it was revealed to him a great and dire secret which drove him from the marriage, and made Hafseh his terrible enemy who seeks him ruined or slain.

Hafseh manipulated his best friend from childhood—the man known as Bakari into dueling Asim, trying to save his friend and convince him of her falsehoods he instead slew Bakari, where he wept upon the body and threw down his weapon and walked away.

He wandered for a while and came upon a Jinn, ancient as the stone, who lay dying. There he looked upon the eyed of the Jinn and was stricken by the terrors and wonders of the universe he found within those failing orbs.

Now he has reunited with his sword-sister Nao Qiang Hue, and seeks to absolve himself of past sins—by seeking or fashioning grand gift for a goddess.

Asim Ur-Kalil

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